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Une marque - un style

The trademark

When Valerie, born into the world of jewellery, met in 2007 Jean-Pierre who specilizes in leather goods, the magic worked. Both of them came from the world of fashion, their ideas mixed together, original creations were born but the highlight of this encounter comes later on... It was during a trip to Ibiza an island with so much history that they were profoundly inspired.
Jean-Pierre remembers the seventies being carefree and full of hope. Valerie, she is inspired by the hippy movement with the wind of freedom and soft rebellion. Going back to the past in 1968 when the french people were in the streets to express their feelings.
So was born the "Mai 68" a trademark whose character is as strong as the name evokes. A movement that transcribes flowing natural materials, veils of transparent cotton, lace...
Because it is important to remember that it is never too late to feel close to nature and simply free.
From sketches to patterns to the creation of our prints, everything is designed in our workshop based on the French Riviera.